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HSA Brexit Webinar Series - October 2020

The HSA will host a series of on-line webinars, aimed at assisting Irish companies in their preparations for Brexit, starting on October 1st 2020. Companies will be informed as to the implications of Brexit for them and what they need to do now to ensure both continuity within their supply chains and compliance with relevant EU Regulations.

Areas covered will include accreditation, the use of notified bodies and implications for those businesses involved with transportable pressure equipment, machinery and chemical products.

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The Implications of Brexit for Accreditation

Speaker: Adrienne Duff

This webinar will provide an overview of potential impacts on INAB accredited clients, INAB itself and on acceptance of certificates arising from the UK withdrawal from the European Union. The presentation will look at changes to accreditation requirements in the regulated sector in Europe, the UK and Northern Ireland.

October 1st

10 am

Industrial Products

Speaker: Alan Costelloe

This webinar will give an update on the current situation regarding Brexit and importation of Industrial Products from the UK. It will focus on regulatory requirements at the end of the transition period, responsibilities for distributors who may take on the role as importer and changes in status of UK notified bodies after the transition period

October 7th

10 am

The implications of Brexit and the Protocol on Ireland/Northern Ireland for Transportable Pressure Equipment

Speaker: Alice Doherty

This webinar will give an update on the current situation regarding Brexit and transportable pressure equipment (TPE). It will focus on the notice published by the European Commission in June this year and cover issues such as the legal position at the end of the transition period, the separation provisions of the withdrawal agreement and the rules that will apply under the Protocol on Ireland/Northern Ireland.

October 7th

2 pm

Brexit- What you need to do if you source chemical products from the UK

Speakers: Majella Cosgrave & Sinead McMickan

This webinar will be delivered over 2 presentations. In the first presentation, the impacts of Brexit on those companies sourcing chemical products in the UK with respect to registration and authorisation under the REACH regulation will be addressed. The second presentation will outline the implications for companies with regards to labelling and packaging products under both the CLP and Detergents Regulations. Consideration of duties under the PIC Regulation concerning the export and import of hazardous chemicals will also be addressed. Both presentations will offer advice to companies as to what they can do now to ensure they are Brexit ready, that they will be in compliance with EU regulations come January 2021 and that their future chemicals products supply is secure.

October 15th

10 am

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