EU Weekly RAPEX Alerts

RAPEX is an EU-wide rapid information exchange system for products (except food, pharmaceutical and medical devices) found to pose a serious health and/or  safety risk.  The list of products is updated by the European Union weekly and previously issued alerts may also be viewed.

HSA is a market surveillance authority for machinery, lifts, personal protective equipment (PPE), transportable pressure equipment, chemicals where the risk is to human health (REACH, CLP, detergents), pressure equipment (PED), gas appliances (GAD), and equipment for explosive atmospheres (ATEX).  If you encounter in your workplace or on the market a specific product identified on the RAPEX  list which belongs to one of the above categories, please contact the HSA at or phone 0818 289 389.

In the case of domestic gas appliances or PPE not intended for use at work, please contact the Competition and Consumer Protection Commission.

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