Eventbrite - Brexit and the Implications for Irish Businesses

On 29 March 2017, the United Kingdom submitted its intention to withdraw from the European Union.  This means that, unless a ratified withdrawal agreement establishes another date, from 30 March 2019, the United Kingdom will become a 'third country'.

The UK continues to play a full role within the European regulatory network during the on-going negotiations in relation to its withdrawal from the EU. Although we do not yet know the eventual outcomes of these negotiations, potentially significant implications for Ireland and Irish companies are anticipated due to our shared market with the UK. While we recognise that there is still some uncertainty over the outcome of the Brexit negotiations, we are nonetheless planning on the basis that the UK becomes a third country as of March 30th 2019 and we now encourage businesses and stakeholders to do the same.

HSA preparations and support to stakeholders

The impacts of the UK withdrawal are anticipated on key policy and operational areas of the Authority and we are preparing for this. We have established an internal committee to ensure that we are prepared for the UK’s withdrawal from the EU and that our stakeholders and businesses also have the relevant information to assist them with their preparations. We will provide information on this dedicated section of our website to keep stakeholders informed of developments.

Review the impact that the UK withdrawal may have on your business

If you use chemicals and haven’t already started considering potential impacts of the UK withdrawal for your business, we urge you to start immediately. As a company based in the EU-27, the obligations flowing from the EU chemicals legislation will continue to apply to Irish companies. However, interactions with UK-based business partners will be impacted by the UK withdrawal. Consequently, Irish chemical companies may face new and different UK rules on the export, import and use of chemical substances and they may also need to review their supply chains involving their UK-based business partners.

In addition, economic operators who source products for use or distribution from the UK and companies who rely on UK based product conformity assessment bodies should acquaint themselves with the potential implications for their business. Stakeholders should check these, and other relevant EU pages (see further information below), regularly for information and updates.

Contact us

Companies with particular concerns or questions as to the effect of the UK withdrawal from the EU on their business should contact us at 1890 289 389 (Monday to Friday 9.30 to 12.30) or by emailing