How and When do I Notify The HSA of an Intention to Dive?

Currently notification of intention to dive is required under the Safety in Industry (Diving Operations) Regulations, 1981 (S.I. No.422 of 1981) applying to diving operations to which the Safety in Industry Act 1980 apply.

Regulation 2(2)(a) requires that the Minister (in defacto - the Authority) is notified in writing of the diving operation not less than 21 days prior to the dive and that the notification should include the name of the person(s) involved and the place at which it is intended to carry out the diving operation. Notification of intention to dive should be forwarded to the Authority by fax (01 614 7020) or post using the Diving Notification Form.pdf (size 12.8 KB)

How Do I get a Certificate from an Approved Doctor?

Regulation 12(1) of these regulations also requires that to take part in Diving operations a diver must have been issued with a certificate issued by an approved doctor stating that the person is fit to dive. The only Doctors who can issue certificates are on the HSA's list of Currently approved doctors

How Do I Become an Approved Doctor?

“approved doctor” means a registered medical practitioner approved of for the time being by the Minister (in defacto - the Authority) as a competent person to issue a certificate that a person is fit to take part as a diver in diving operations. - to attain approval a Doctor should in the first instance contact the HSA's Occupational Health Manager

Correspondence should be addressed to

Health and Safety Authority
The Metropolitan Building
James Joyce Street
Dublin 1

Underwater Heritage Orders

Where underwater heritage orders are in place, a person must not dive on, damage or generally interfere with any wreck or archaeological object except in accordance with a Ministerial licence.