The Health and Occupation Research (THOR) Republic of Ireland (ROI)


The Health and Occupation Research (THOR) Republic of Ireland (ROI) is a report by physicians of work related ill health in Ireland. THOR ROI comprises 4 surveillance schemes collecting data on work related illness (WRI) in the ROI by occupational physicians, chest physicians, dermatologists and general practitioners. The physicians report voluntarily online cases of WRI to the University of Manchester.

An annual report is produced showing the number of cases reported that year and in addition there is a compiled report covering 2005 to 2016. The report provides valuable information on the types of WRIs, causal agents and industry sectors they occur in. The report also allows comparisons of cases between Northern Ireland and Great Britain. 

The Health and Safety Authority (HSA) financially supports THOR ROI. Both the summary report and full report for 2005 -2016 are included in the files below. 

A brochure explaining the value of THOR ROI to the HSA was produced in 2018 and it is hoped it will encourage additional physicians to report cases and is also included as a file below.