Recommended Slip Resistant Footwear

Use Safety Footwear that

  • Has a close-packed well-defined tread pattern and a flexible sole for fluid contamination
  • Has a more open tread pattern for loose solid contamination (for example, external use)
  • Has been tested in the actual workplace for slip resistance
  • Is comfortable and fits well
  • Staff have agreed to and will wear
  • Is reasonably easy to clean, maintain and will last a reasonable time. Durability can be tested, for example, using the SATRA Pedatron Test Machine STM 528
  • Is routinely checked and replaced
  • If you use safety overshoes, check that they provide adequate slip resistance
  • With clogs, ensure an ankle strap is in place and used properly
  • See HSA advice on footwear for snow and ice

Shoe sole

See Slip Resistant Footwear Further Information