Contain Spills to Control Slips (Trips and Falls)

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In 2012, floor mats were not relevant in about half the HSA visits where examined. This is probably because these workplaces have wet-working areas and large external working areas.

In 2012, 35% of 1,783 HSA workplace visits found the employer did not have a procedure that floor mats are used to reduce slip risks

  • Use floor mats where appropriate, e.g. at deep fat fryers, at wash-up areas, at small fruit/ vegetable items with high liquid content

Deep Fat Fryer with Mat

  • Where spills are likely, provide stores designed to contain spills, e.g. bunds, drip-trays

Milk containers store

  • Provide drains in areas where spills are a frequent occurrence, e.g. in cleaning stores
  • Hang mops and other wet equipment over buckets, drains so spills do not go onto floor 
  • Particular caution may be required at entrances

Spill risks are an important part of Slip Risk Assessment and Prevention

risk assessment approach to Spills slips (trips and falls) can include the following steps

  1. Identify Risks
  2. Prevent
  3. Contain
  4. Detect
  5. Cordon
  6. Remove