Health and Safety Statistics

The systematic collection and analysis of data to monitor health and safety performance and to identify emerging risks is critical for the effective functioning of the Authority.

We use statistical information to plan our Programmes of Work and inspection schedules.  Statistics are prepared for advisory committees, regional working groups and for conference presentations and press releases.  We also provide statistics in response to queries from industry, researchers, students and other members of the public. 

European Statistics on Accidents at Work 

Our injury data is collected in line with a European-wide methodology (ESAW) and accident reports are submitted to Eurostat (Statistical Agency of the European Commission) on an annual basis, as per the Eurostat release calendar, for the preparation of European comparator statistics. Accident statistics submitted to Eurostat are available here

Annual Review of Workplace Injury, Illness and Fatality Statistics

Each year the Authority publishes its Annual Review of Workplace Injury, Illness and Fatality Statistics. This report combines data from two sources: incidents reported directly to the HSA, and Central Statistics Office (CSO) data on days lost to work-related injuries and illnesses. 

Requests for additional information should be submitted to the HSA Contact Centre.