Case Study 4 Warehouse Storage Text Version

On Screen Text:
Warehouse operative trying to access a box stored at a height stored

Scene 1
The warehouse operative walks into the shot, he moves towards a stack of boxes and tries to access a box at a height but cannot reach it. The operative then lifts a small box and places it on the ground. The operative then stands on this box in order to reach the box stored at a height, as he grabs the box another box falls over onto the ground.

On Screen Text:

  • Need to carry out a risk assessment of this task
  • Look at how the job is carried out
  • Collect information: load weight, etc,
  • Identify risk factors with the job
  • Make changes to improve the job

On Screen Text:
Risk Factors/Problems

Scene 2
Still image of the worker taken from scene 1. Large red ÒXÓ marks indicate the risk factors and problems with the job.

  • Body is in an unstable posture
  • Load is difficult to grasp
  • Prevented from handling at a height
  • Sudden movement of load

On Screen Text
The new system of work: Assess risk to reduce manual handling

Scene 3
The material handler walks into the shot and positions the pallet truck into place to remove the pallet from a racking system in a tidy warehouse. The operative pulls the pallet truck with the boxes on the pallet.

On Screen Text:

Manual Handling: Assess to Avoid, Reduce or Reorganise