Case Study 9 Manual Handling of Reels Text Version

On Screen Text:
Worker has to manually lift and transfer reels onto a machine

Scene 1
A worker manually lifts a very heavy reel and carries it over to a machine. The worker then manually lifts the reel into position on the machine.

On Screen Text:
Need to carry out a risk assessment of this task

  • Look at how the job is carried out
  • Collect information: load weight, etc,
  • Identify risk factors with the job
  • Make changes to improve the job

On Screen Text:
Risk Factors/Problems

Scene 2
Still image of the handler taken from scene 1. Large red ÒXÓ marks indicate the risk factors and problems with the job.

  • Load is too heavy (50kg)
  • Twisting movement of the trunk
  • Prevent handling at safe height
  • Physical effort is too strenuous

On Screen Text
The new system of work: Assess risk to avoid manual handling

Scene 3
The reel is positioned on an adjustable platform, the worker raise the position of the reel and then moves the mechanical handling aid into position. The reel is then transferred to the machine using the mechanical aid.

On Screen Text:
Manual Handling: Assess to Avoid, Reduce or Reorganise