Manual Handling Case Study 12 Patient Fall

On Screen Text: Patient Handling: Patient fall in confined space
Carers attempting to lift a patient who has fallen in a hospital bathroom

Scene 1:
The scene begins showing a patient in a confined bathroom. He is sitting on the lavatory, there is one handle on the wall side and he grabs for this handle, but misses. He falls onto the floor. There is a slight delay before one carer runs into the room, shortly followed by another carer. They both bend down, one either side of the patient and they attempt to lift him up with their hands.

On Screen Text:
Need to carry out a risk assessment of this task:

  • Look at how the job is carried out
  • Collect information: task, load, patient’s needs and mobility etc.
  • Identify risk factors with the job
  • Make changes to improve the job

On Screen Text:
Risk Factors/Problems:

Scene 2:
Still image of patient lying on floor with two carers attempting to lift the patient (from scene 1). Large Red “X” marks indicate the risk factors with the job:

  • Individual’s weight outside the guidelines
  • Body in an unstable posture
  • Physical effort is too strenuous
  • Sudden movement of the load
  • Environment prevents handling load with good posture
  • Patient handled at a distance from the trunk
  • Environment / confined space
  • Not enough room
  • Uncoordinated lift

On Screen Text:
The new system of work: Assess risk to reduce and reorganise manual handling

Scene 3:
The two carers put two slide sheets under the patient. They pull the patient 4-5feet towards a hoist. They lift the patient into the hoist. A wheelchair is waiting nearby to transfer the patient into.

On Screen Text:
Manual Handling : Assess to avoid, reduce or reorganise