National legislation affecting tank inspection

An amendment to our national regulations, the European Communities (Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road and use of Transportable Pressure Equipment) Regulations 2011 to 2018, came into operation on 1 July 2017 (S.I. No. 5 of 2017).

The background to this amendment is outlined in an Information Note. The purpose of the amendment was to bring all ADR tank-vehicles constructed since 1 July 2003 and operating as national transport only tank-vehicles, back in line with ADR provisions. Such tank-vehicles are now required to be inspected and tested to ADR standards by accredited inspection bodies approved by the competent authority.

There are currently two Type C Inspection Bodies approved by the Health and Safety Authority to do this inspection and testing. Further details are available at Approval 01/2018 and Approval 05/2019.

To allow the process of tank-vehicles to move from national transport only to ADR standards, a Competent Authority Exemption (Exemption 02/2017) was issued by the Health and Safety Authority. This exemption allows tank-vehicles certified as national transport only since 1 July 2003 and up to 30 June 2017 to continue in service until 31 December 2018 and for a further period until the next due date for inspection.  Thereafter all affected tanks and tank-vehicles will be subject to ADR requirements at the next date for periodic or intermediate inspection.  If the tank fails to meet ADR standards at the time of periodic or intermediate inspection it may be subject to an exceptional check in accordance with ADR, and remedial work may be required based on the results of the exceptional check. Applications may be made to the competent authority to continue the use of the tank for national transport only, based on a robust justification.

For further information in relation to making applications under Exemption 02/2017 please see our page entitled 'national legislation affecting ADR tank inspection and tank inspection service providers'.

Industry Consultations

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