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Farm Vehicle Safety and Blind Spots

Electrical Safety on Farms | Farm Safety Partnership Advisory Committee

Mental Health & Wellbeing in Farming

Survivor Stories - David Butler

Survivor Stories - Ann Doherty

Crush Injuries and Mental Health on Farms

'Once Upon a Farm...' A Safety Video for Students

Older, Wiser, Safer Video Series

In recent years someone has died every two weeks in an accident on an Irish farm. Accidents involving farmers over 55 years of age often account for 70% of farm deaths. In an effort to reverse this trend, and focus attention on age as a risk factor, the HSA and the IFA have jointly produced videos entitled “Older, Wiser, Safer – A Practical Guide to Safety for Older Farmers.

Part 1

In recent years someone has died every two weeks in an accident on an Irish farm.

Part 2

Consider your health status as a risk factor.

Part 3

Consider how to manage Tractor & Machinery safety.

Part 4

Livestock are unpredictable, consider how to protect yourself.

Part 5

Consider your limitations before working at height or with slurry.

Part 6

Older farmers can work into later years safely, learn how to protect yourself.

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Survivor Stories Video Series 1

Six farmers share their farm accident stories, from PTO shaft entanglement to livestock attack. Their hope is that you can learn from their experiences and take the simple steps that will make your farm safer.

Viewer discretion is advised.

James' story

James talks about the loss of his father to a bull attack.


Peter's story

Peter talks about and shows his injuries from an unguarded PTO shaft.


Sean's story

Sean talks about and shows the injuries received when a combine harvester fell on him.


Sean's story

Sean talks about the suffering and injuries he received when a bale of hay fell on him.


David's story

David talks about how the tractor he was driving ran over him leaving him in a wheelchair.


Dominic's story

Dominic talks about the impact on him and his family following a cow attack.

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Survivor Stories Video Series 2

Liam's Story

Liam talks about how he was attacked by a bull on his farm.

Aaron's Story

Aaron talks about the injuries he received in a tractor accident.

Anthony's Story

Anthony talks about how he lost his leg when was entangled in a grain auger.

Eoin's Story

Eoin talks about how he was overcome by slurry gas when he was agitating slurry on his farm.

Pat's Story

Pat talks about his back injury and the effects of this injury on his farming life.

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Safe Handling of Cattle Video Series

These videos will help you consider and develop your skill levels in cattle handling. While it is practically impossible to eliminate the risks involved in cattle handling, adopting good practice demonstrated in these videos and having a greater understanding of cattle behaviour will help reduce accidents and risk of injury.




Loading of Livestock


Safe Handling at Calving


Safety Issues with Stock Bulls


Safety Issues with Bull Beef


Breeding for Docility


Flight Zones and Points of Balance

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Farm Safe Video Series

The following videos provide advice on various topics as shown.

Viewer discretion is advised.


Legal advice, viewer discretion advisory and acknowledgements.



Victims describe their accidents and insurance is discussed.



Topics include buildings, building work and maintenance, including work at height.


Bull Testimonial

Farmer Sean Treacy remembers the bull attack that left him seriously injured.



Topics include operators, chainsaws, PPE, environment, kickback precautions.



Topics include Safety Data Sheets, storage, packaging and labels, spraying.


Child Testimonial

Brian and Patrick Phelan discuss Brian's PTO accident and his injuries.



Topics include fatal accident analysis, Code of Practice, risk assessment, machinery, danger areas.



Topics include works by unqualified persons, equipment, tools, RCD, electric fences, power lines, vehicles.



Topics include farmer's lung, asbestos, noise, diseases, environment.



Topics include legal approach, the Act and Regulations, responsibilities, Safety Statement, Risk Assessment Document.



Topics include handling facilities, driving animals, the bull.



Topics include trap and pinch points, crush points, pull in points, shear and cutting points, burn points, stored energy, thrown objects, guards and signs, safe operators.


Manual Handling

Topics include how the back works, manual handling technique, manual handling guide.


PTO Testimonial

Farmer John Goff recalls how he lost his arm in a PTO shaft accident.


Roof Testimonial

Agricultural contractor Stanley Scanlan remembers how he was seriously injured when he fell just 9 feet through a skylight.



Topics include drowning, gassing, agitating, grants.



Topics include tractor operations, driving, hitching, machine operations, overturning, maintenance, ATV's.



Topics include brakes, lighting, weights, length and width, supplier obligations, Roads Act 1993, driver's license, insurance.



Topics include construction, signs, fire safety, electricity, PPE, burn points, power tools, lifting equipment, welding, compressed air/tyres.

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Embrace Farm

The HSA supports the Embracefarm organisation which was founded by Brian Rohan and his wife Norma, a farming family from Shanahoe, Co. Laois, in 2014 to provide a bereavement support group for farm families who, like them, have lost a loved one or, indeed, suffered serious injury in a farming accident The primary objective of Embrace Farm is in providing support to bereaved families through bereavement support sessions and an annual remembrance service.

What's Left Behind: Dermot Hogan 1968 - 2014

Father of six year old killed on farm tells heart-breaking story for farm safety video campaign.


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