Child tractor safety

68% of the fatal accidents to children on farms in the period 2005-2014 were associated with the use of tractors and machinery

Tractors and machinery are the biggest causes of fatal child accidents on farms.

Ensure a child isn’t killed or seriously injured on your farm by remembering:

  • Children under 7 should never be inside the cab of a tractor.
  • Children aged 7 – 16 should only ride in a tractor on a properly fitted passenger seat with seat belts inside a cab or frame.
  • Children under 14 should never operate tractors or self-propelled machines.
  • When tractors are not in use:
    - Keep unattended tractors locked.
    - Remove the keys and keep them out of sight of children.
    - Lower implements to the ground.
    - Leave controls in neutral and apply the handbrake.
  • Advise visitors and contractors on your farm of these precautions.

Remember: it is not possible to supervise a child and work on the farm at the same time.