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Construction contractors can now enjoy the benefits of, the Health and Safety Authority’s FREE online safety management and risk assessment tool. will help you develop:-

  • A site-specific safety statement including risk assessment for your business
  • Or if you are appointed a Project Supervisor Construction Stage (PSCS) you can choose this business type to develop your particular risk assessments, checklists and download a construction stage safety and health plan template

These documents also contain useful information including registers, templates and method statements. is a confidential service that will save you time and money. If used correctly it could help you identify hazards and implement controls to protect you and your workers and reduce the chances of an accident on site.

Benefits of Registering for

Registered users can come back and edit their risk assessments at any time along with having the extra functionality to:-

  • Edit risk assessments 
  • See when risk assessments have been updated with any changes in their My BeSMART page
  • Rename risk assessments
  • Add in an extra control or further information in relation to a hazard
  • Print out individual hazard assessments to use as checklists
  • Work on and edit multiple risk assessments 
  • Access the entire hazard database on completing a risk assessment
  • Access to all hazards on Select any additional hazards that you have in your workplace and risk assess them. You can then print and include them in your safety statement

Construction Business Types available on

This list of construction business types will be added to over time as we continue to expand The most up to date list can be checked by clicking on the link below which will also bring you to the website.

Construction business types

Learn More

A comprehensive suite of relevant construction guidance, codes of practice, tool box talks, statutory forms and templates is available in the ‘Learn More’ section on and can be accessed by clicking the link below.

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If you have any questions or queries in relation to please contact us on 0818 289 389 (09:00am - 3:00pm) or by email