Maritime Legislation

Commercial Diver

Other legislation generally enforceable by the Department of Transport (IMA) includes the following:

Fishing Vessel (Personal Flotation Devices) Regulations 2001

The regulation requires all crew members of fishing vessels to wear a suitable personal flotation device while on the open deck of a vessel.

Fishing Vessel (Basic Safety Training) Regulations 2001

The regulations require every crew member of a fishing vessel to undertake basic safety training consisting of:

  • Personal survival techniques, including man overboard
  • Elementary first aid
  • Fire prevention, health and safety training

This training must be received before going to sea for the first time on a fishing boat.

EC (Minimum Safety and Health Requirements for Improved Medical Treatment on Board Vessels) Regulation 1997

The regulations set out the minimum requirements for fishing vessels regarding the stocking and maintaining, first aid stores and first aid knowledge.

Fishing vessels, which come under these regulations, are required to stock either category B or C medical supplies as listed in the regulations.

Full legislation is available on, the website of the Office of the Attorney General.