The "Keep Safe" Programme

"Keep Safe" is based on the highly successful Bee Safe programme which has been running in Northern Ireland since 1990. This event brings 5th and 6th class primary school pupils together with local agencies and organisations with a safety remit. The programme has a direct link to the curriculum at primary school, with particular relevance to the Social, Personal and Health Education (SPHE). It also helps pupils deal with the transition to secondary school.

Keep Safe Fire Brigade

What is involved in a "Keep Safe" event?

State agencies and regional organisations with a safety remit  come together to talk to children with a common message – Keeping Safe. The event promotes safety and community awareness through involving the children in a series of interactive scenarios, with a strong safety theme.

"Keep Safe" takes place over a morning where children from local schools come to a central venue for an event accompanied by their teachers.

The common themes for all scenarios include:

  • Children are educated to change their behaviour and attitudes in order to stay safe
  • Children improve their understanding of everyday situations where accidents are likely to occur
  • Children are encouraged to take responsibility for their own actions.


The HSA plans these events around the country on an ongoing basis. The events are facilitated by Junior Achievement Ireland.


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Comments from recent Keep Safe Events


"Without doubt Keep Safe Ennis will have a positive change in our student’s attitude to safety. It was a very enjoyable day and they were very interested in each of the agency stations and engaged really well with them. The event is very well structured and organised!"

Donncha Ó Luasa, Gaelscoil Mhícíl Cíosóg


"Keep Safe was a wonderful experience, very engaging and the kids enjoyed all of the presentations, activities and information. We will reflect on all of the learning when back in class and use today as the foundation of many lessons. Well done to all!"

Darryl Eade, Holy Family N.S.

 "There was a good mix of stations at Keep Safe Ennis and the presenters pitched their message really well to the children. It was very effective for raising awareness of all sorts of dangers and make them think of appropriate precautions and procedures for a variety of situations."

David Ruane, Educate Together Ennis

 "Keep Safe Ennis was a very well organised event and the ten minute sessions ensure that the children’s attention is kept. It’s great that they are moving around and they had the opportunity to ask plenty of questions. They will be more aware of safety concerns that they hadn’t considered before."

Ciara Ní Chuilinn, Gaelscoil Mhícíl Cíosóg

"Keep Safe Ennis had an excellent variety of organisations and was a very reflective experience for the children. They really enjoyed the day were active in the variety of demonstrations that the agencies provided. They now have a greater understanding and are more aware of their safety."

Sinead Boland, Holy Family NS, Ennis

“The Keep Safe event was an excellent experience and was really well organized. The children were engaged at each station and the facilitators were excellent, giving loads of practical, knowledge based information. The children had great fun and also had a super learning experience!”

Laura Brennan, St. Brendan’s NS,  Rush

“Keep Safe was an excellent event with a wide variety of activities, which were extremely varied, and with super teaching from the speakers at each station. It was great that the students were actively involved at every station and doing the activities. The speakers in their uniforms and the resources they used, reinforced the theme of the event and will absolutely change their attitude to safety.”

Emma O’Connor, Rush National School

“I think the different stations and information given was excellent to encourage the children to stay safe in the various environments. I believe their attitude to safety will change now that they have the knowledge. Excellent event, all bases were catered for!”

Mr. Garvey, Scoil Chormaic Community National School, Rush

“Keep Safe Newcastle West was very well organised with plenty time at each station for learning and questions. The children enjoyed all of the activities and the agencies involved were most helpful. The hands on activities provided invaluable learning for all the children, on all different levels of safety.”

Gaelscoil O Doghair – Newcastle West - Muinteoir Kelley

 “I was very impressed with the structure and professionalism of the Keep Safe event.  The children were put in small groups and kept busy for the whole day, with the wide variety of activities from the local agencies. They have learned a lot from the event and being from a rural school, they are often on buses and learned a lot on bus safety, to name just one of the safety topics. Well done to all of the organisers!”

Killoughteen N. S. – Newcastle West - Lydia Mulqueen

 “All of the agencies were set up and equipped for demonstrations and their staff were friendly and answered all student questions appropriately.  I particularly like that it created awareness about fire safety issues that could be of concern in their lives now or in the future. All of the activities were child friendly, age appropriate, interesting and relevant!”

Scoil Iosaf – Newcastle West -  Marie Balfe

 “Great presentations delivered at the right level by all of the agency staff. I intend to do follow up lessons now back in the classroom, to reinforce what they have learned today. It was a great event with learning opportunities in all of activities that they did.”

Courtenay Boys School – Newcastle West - Steve Sheppard

‘There was a great mix of activities with practical and active components, mixed with listening activities, at Keep Safe Carlow. All of my students were actively engaged throughout and I believe they have learned valuable information which will change their attitude to safety. The agency staff were friendly and helpful and there were a large variety of groups providing hands on information – it was really well organised!’

Ms Murphy, Teacher, Holy Family G.N.S., Carlow

‘Keep Safe Carlow was well organised and the groups rotated smoothly and promptly between all of the agencies, which really suited their attention span. Our students found it enjoyable and hopefully will have a change in attitude to safety after attending. They really loved all of the equipment and materials used by the agencies!’

Vinny Kehoe, Teacher, Bishop Foley School, Carlow

‘The boys really enjoyed each of the stations, all which contained colourful and active resources. They also contained active and listening elements, which facilitated their learning. Safety was explored across all areas including farm, water and fire safety and especially relevant to them was road safety, as some of the boy’s cycle to school, so this station was particularly important to them.’

Rebecca Spencer, Teacher, Holy Family B. N. S., Carlow