Workers advised to take extra precautions in freezing conditions

Wednesday 1st December.

The Health and Safety Authority today (Wednesday 1st December) is urging all workers to be cautious and not take unnecessary risks during the current freezing weather.  “These conditions are similar to those we experienced last January and pose extra risk for workers, particularly those who drive for a living and work outdoors,” according to Martin O’Halloran, Chief Executive of the Health and Safety Authority.

“Farmers are facing very difficult conditions at the moment and I would urge them to take extra care. Any Outdoor work that can wait should be avoided until conditions improve. Where essential work is to be undertaken on the farm, let someone know where you are, what time to expect you back at and carry a mobile phone at all times if working alone.  Seek the assistance of your neighbours if needed and keep an eye out for their well-being too.”

“Where workers are providing essential services, the health and safety controls in place should take account of the severe weather. Workers should avoid working alone in high risk situations, wear warm hi-visibility clothing and keep in regular contact with their colleagues or bases.”

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