Common misperceptions tackled in new HSA campaign

Sunday 3rd November

The Health and Safety Authority will tomorrow (Monday 4th November) launch a new awareness raising campaign aimed at tackling misperceptions about workplace safety and health procedures and to encourage workers and employers not to take unnecessary risks.

Running across print, radio and digital formats, the “There’ll always be one…” campaign illustrates the type of scenario that is unfortunately all too common. An electrician is shown stretching from the top of his stepladder which is dangerously balanced on top of a makeshift platform. It’s an accident just waiting to happen.

According to Gavin Lonergan, Head of Communications with the Health and Safety Authority, “It might look ridiculous but it’s the type of scenario our inspectors regularly come across. It’s a cliché but accidents don’t just happen, they’re caused, and they often lead to tragic results. 48 people were killed in workplace accidents last year while so far this year 38* people have lost their lives. That’s on top of the thousands of injuries that occur every year.”

“It’s very easy to make a joke out of workplace safety and health procedures, but not having them would result in an increase in workplace deaths and injuries as well as substantial financial costs to businesses and the exchequer. Having procedures and policies in place to properly manage risk and reduce the chances of a workplace accident is basic common sense. A safe and healthy workplace is a win/win outcome for everyone.”

*As of 31st October 2013