Explosion Protection Document



Explosion protection is of particular importance to safety; since explosions endanger the lives and health of workers as a result of the uncontrolled effects of flame and pressure, the presence of noxious reaction products, and consumption of the oxygen in the ambient air, which workers breathe.

For this reason, the establishment of a coherent strategy for the prevention of explosions requires that organisational measures be taken at the workplace. Framework Directive 89/391/EEC requires the employer to implement the measures necessary for the safety and health protection of workers, including prevention of occupational risks, and provision of information and training, as well as provision of the necessary organisation and means.

It must be emphasised that compliance with the minimum requirements set out in the Directive does not guarantee compliance with the appropriate national laws. The Directive was adopted under Article 137 of the Treaty establishing the European Community, and this Article expressly does not prevent Member States from maintaining or introducing more stringent protective measures compatible with the Treaty.

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