The Risk Assessment Process Text Version

On Screen Text:
Step 1: Task Observation and Description

Scene 1
Still image of the handler lifting barrel with people observing the task.

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Step 2: Collect Task Data

Scene 2
Still image showing a group of people in meeting room collecting information about the task.

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Step 3: Identification of Risk factors

Scene 3
Still image of character taken from scene 1, attempting to tilt the barrel forward by applying the full weight of his body. Large Red ÒXÓ marks indicate the risk factors and problems with the job. The image also shows people observing the task.

  • Physical effort is too strenuous
  • Difficult to grasp
  • Load is too heavy
  • Load is too large

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Step 4: Solution development and plan of action

Scene 4

Still image showing a group of people in meeting room, reviewing a proposed solution which is detailed on flip chart.

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Step 5: Review effectiveness of actions

Scene 5
Still image showing a person who conducted the risk assessment consulting with the worker to review effectiveness of new system of work using a mechanical aid to handle barrels.

On Screen Text:
Manual Handling: Assess to Avoid, Reduce or Reorganise