Farm Safe DVD Videos


A series of 20 videos highlighting the dangers on farms that can affect the farmer, the farmers family, children and visitors to the farm. Click on the link to view the video of your choice.

IntroductionLegal advice, viewer discretion advisory and acknowledgements (47 Second video)
BehaviourVictims describe their accidents and insurance is discussed.(5 Minute 6 Second video)
BuildingsTopics include buildings,building work and maintenance, including work at height. (4 Minute 55 second video)
BullTestimonialFarmer Sean Treacy remembers the bull attack that left him seriously injured.(1 Minute 55 Second video)
ChainsawsTopics include operators,chainsaws, PPE,environment, Kickback, precautions.(5 Minutes 36 Second video)
ChemicalsTopics include Safety Data Sheets,storage,packaging and labels, spraying.(7 minutes 27 Second video).NOTE:For the latest labelling information, visit
ChildTestimonialBrian and Patrick Phelan discuss Brian's PTO accident and his injuries. (2 Minutes 35 Second video)
ChildrenTopics include fatal accident analysis,Code of Practice, risk assessment,machinery, danger areas.(8 Minute video)
ElectricityTopics include works by unqualified persons,equipment, tools, RCD,electric fences, power lines, vehicles. (11 Minutes 10 Second video)
HealthTopics include farmers lung, asbestos,noise, diseases,environment.(7 Minutes 5 Second video)
LegislationTopics include legal approach, the Act and Regulations,responsibilities, Safety Statement, Risk Assessment Document. (5 Minutes 26 Second video)
LivestockTopics include handling facilities, driving animals, the bull. (6 Minutes 49 Second video)
MachineryTopics include trap and pinch points,crush points,pull in points,shear and cutting points, burn points, stored energy, thrown objects, guards and signs, safe operators. (10 Minutes 32 Second video)
ManualHandlingTopics include how the back works, manual handling technique, manual handling guide. (3 Minutes 48 Second video)
PTOTestimonialFarmer John Goff recalls how he lost his arm in a PTO shaft accident.(1 Minute 53 Second video)
RoofTestimonialAgricultural contractor Stanley Scanlan remembers how he was seriously injured when he fell just 9 feet through a skylight. (1 Minute 59 Second video)
SlurryTopics include drowning,gassing, agitating,grants.(4 Minute 15 Second video)
TractorsTopics include tractor operations,driving, hitching,machine operations,overturning,maintenance, ATV's.(8 Minutes 43 Second video)
TrafficTopics include brakes,lighting, weights,length and width,supplier obligations,Roads Act 1993,drivers license,insurance. (6 Minutes 38 Second video)
WorkshopTopics include construction, signs,fire safety,electricity,PPE,burn points,power tools,lifting equipment,welding,compressed air/tyres. (11 Minutes video)