Notification of chemical products to the National Poisons Information Centre in Ireland

Importers and formulators of hazardous chemical products, placed on the Irish market, must notify certain information about these chemical products to the National Poisons Information Centre (NPIC). In addition, where the notified chemical product requires a Safety Data Sheet, the importer or formulator must include the NPIC emergency telephone number in Section 1.4 of the Safety Data Sheet. For more information on what needs to be notified and how, please refer to our Information Sheet.

 Harmonisation of information to poison centres:

Annex VIII ‘harmonising information relating to emergency health response’ was added to CLP in March 2017. This makes it a legal obligation for submission of information using this new harmonised format  and while it does not apply until 2020 the draft Poisons Centre Notification (PCN) format and editor versions of the tools, along with Q&A’s are already available on the ECHA website. Please note that the NPIC is not yet able to accept submissions in the harmonised format.

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