One Substance, One Registration Upheld

The “one substance, one registration” (OSOR) principle of REACH was upheld by the ECHA Board of Appeal (BoA) in it's latest decision of the 15th March 2016, where it agreed with a lead registrant’s appeal to annul ECHA’s decision to accept a separate registration dossier for the same substance. In the decision, the BoA found that ECHA failed to adequately examine the completeness of the separate registration dossier with regard to the elements required by Articles 10 and 12, as required by Article 20(2), and that this registration should not have been deemed to be complete when it was not part of the existing joint submission for the substance.

This decision further solidifies the OSOR principle and reflects the requirements under REACH and the Implementing Regulation, which came into force earlier this year. The decision of the board of appeal may be accessed here.

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