IT Tools updated by ECHA

New versions of IUCLID, used for creating REACH and CLP dossiers, and Chesar, used for preparing chemical safety reports, were published in April and June respectively. This was followed by an update of the dossier submission and communication tool, REACH-IT, at the end of June. These new tools were designed to be simpler to use and more initiative, to support SMEs in meeting the final registration deadline of 31st May 2018.

  • IUCLID 6 was released on 29th April 2016, based on updated technology and includes updated formats, which accommodate the changes to the annexes to the REACH Regulation and test guidelines. Installing the tool on a desktop computer is much easier than before and can be done in a few clicks.
  • A new Chesar version, adapted to the new IUCLID 6 format, has also been released. This new version of Chesar is expected to support the assessment of complex cases, such as multi-constituents or UVCBs.
  • REACH-IT was updated on 21st June 2016 in an effort to strengthen ECHA’s capability to ensure the ‘one substance, one registration’ principle. Following this update to REACH-IT, only dossiers created using IUCLID 6 can be accepted for dossier submission or update.

For more information please see ECHA’s website, and if you are experiencing any technical difficulties using these tools please contact ECHA using their webform at

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