FOI Disclosure Log and Other Information to be Published Routinely

FOI Disclosure Log

The Freedom of Information Act 2014 requires Freedom of Information (FOI) bodies such as the Health & Safety Authority to publish a disclosure log which contains details of the types of requests received under FOI and the decisions made by the body in response to those requests. To see the FOI Disclosure Log for 2018 please click here. Disclosures are listed in order of the date the request was received by the Authority. For privacy reasons, identifying information such as the name of the requester is not included in the disclosure log. Only requests related to non- personal information are published in the Disclosure Log. Consequently those listed below represent only a small proportion of the 158 requests received in 2018..

FOI Disclosure Log 2019​

Reference Number

Date Received in 2019


MOP - Member of Public

Jou - Journalist

Sol - Solicitor

Oth - Other

Request Details

Decision Date


FG - Full Grant
PG - Part Grant
R - Refuse
T - Transferred
W - Withdrawn
O - Dealt with outside FOI
R001Jan 03JouMonies spent on bottled water by HSA 2017 & 2018Jan 28FG
R007Jan 15JouNumber of inspections and investigations in Roscommon, Longford & Leitrim in 2018Jan 23FG
R027Feb 16JouNumber of HSA staff sacked, dismissed or suspendedMar 14FG
R076May 08SolRe. payment of a fine by a company following prosecutionMay 17R
R130Aug 14JouNumber of inspections & investigations in Roscommon, Leitrim & Longford for first 7 months of 2019Sep 17FG
R132Aug 16MoPSeeking results of tests in a workplaceAug 16R
R162Oct 21JouNumber of complaints of workplace bullying received in 2018Nov 08FG
R165Oct 22MoPNumber of welding accidents/incidents reported in 2018Oct 25FG
R175Nov 07MoPSeeking asbestos notifications for site at Dublin 8Nov 18R
R184Nov 22JouNumber of complaints received re. Co. Donegal workplaces 2015-2019Nov 26FG


A range of reports have been published by the Authority .  Please click here to view Health & Safety Authority Reports

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Commercial publications

The Health and Safety Authority produces a wide variety of publications each year covering a diverse range of topics and industry sectors.  These include guidance documents, codes of practice and various information leaflets.  Most of these are available to download for free by following the link below.

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