Mines Rescue (Ireland)

Although the safety and health standards in Mines in Ireland is high there is still the potential for major incidents such as fire, explosion, inrush or fall of ground.

Mines rescue teams provide immediate response in emergency situations to locate, rescue and recover miners unable to return to the surface following the declaration of an emergency or to fight fires, repair and establish ventilation circuits or other duties as required.

Though such situations are rare the mines rescue teams are in a state of preparedness at all times. To ensure that the mine rescue teams are adequately prepared and equipped mines provide equipment and facilities so that the mine rescue teams can train for providing emergency assistance whatever the scenario.

Mines Rescue

The Irish Mine Rescue Committee (IMRC) was established as a co-operative body to co-ordinate mine rescue resources in Ireland enabling mutual assistance in the event of emergency at one of the participating mines. All mine rescue organisations in Ireland are affiliated to the IMRC.

The IMRC acts as a liaison and consultative group to the HSA on matters relating to mine rescue in Ireland.

The IRMC have produced the Irish Mines Rescue Standard based on, Statutory Instrument No. 226/1972, the Mines (Fire and Rescue) Regulations of 1972 and proposed amending legislation.

A comprehensive report of the 2015 Competition held at Tara Mines on 9th  and 10th October is available here

The IRMC also organise an annual Mines Rescue Competition in conjunction with their UK and Northern Ireland Counterparts, The 2014 Competition was held in Cleaveland Potash (UK) on May 16th and 17th and the 2013 competition was held at Tara Mine. More information on the competitions can be found here.