Safety Alert Regarding Sale of Potentially Faulty Regen-Tec Air Compressors

The Health and Safety Authority has been made aware of potentially faulty air compressors being supplied onto the European market. Authorities in Germany have conducted tests on portable air-compressors being sold mainly via the internet. The brand name on the equipment tested is “Regen-Tec”, and the models tested were Profi Airtec 380-8-2.5 (Pic 1), Profi Airtec 210-8-1.8 (Pic 2), Profi Airtec 128-8-1.1 (Pic 3), Airprofi 1.8 (Pic 4) and Airprofi 2 (Pic 5)

 The tests have determined that some of these compressors have imperfect weld seams on the air-receiver. Also, some of the air-receivers are made of material which violates the requirements of annex 1 clause 1.1.1 a) of the Simple Pressure Vessel Directive. As a result of these findings the German authority has concluded that there is a risk of the vessel bursting. They have shared their findings on this equipment with authorities and agencies throughout Europe.

If you have any of these air-compressors you are advised to have it examined by a competent engineer/surveyor to ensure it is safe for use. Purchasers and users of this type of equipment are advised to satisfy themselves as to the reliability of the source of the equipment, and to ensure that equipment purchased bears the appropriate CE mark and is supplied with a Declaration of Conformity.

Picture 1:Profi Airtec 380-8-2.5

Picture of Air Compressor Profi Airtec 380-8-2.5

Picture 2: Profi Airtec 210-8-1.8

Picture of Air compressor Profi Airtec 210-8-1.8

Picture 3: Profi Airtec 128-8-1.1

Picture of Air Compressor Profi Airtec 128-8-1.1


Picture 4: Airprofi 1.8

Picture of air compressor Airprofi 1.8


Picture 5: Airprofi 2

Picture of air compressor Airprofi 2