Farm Safety During Calving

Don’t let what should be a happy event for both farmer and the cow turn into a tragic accident.

A quarter of Irish farm accidents and one fifth of farm deaths in older farmers are livestock-related. Attacks by recently calved cows are a common cause of such accidents.  Never turn your back on the cow when handling the newborn calf. As far as possible keep a gate or barrier between you and the cow when removing the calf.Cow and Calf Tile

Calving can be an anxious time. Good calving facilities, such as calving camera, calving gate, non-slip calving jack can reduce the stress levels on both farmers and animals.

For calving indoors, good lighting is essential for safety and efficiency in dealing with the birth. Fatigue may also be a safety factor which may impair good judgement if intervention is necessary at calving time.

Also be aware of zoonotic infections which can be contracted by farmers and their vets around calving. Always wear arm length gloves and washable protective clothing and boots.