Safety Alert regarding Petzl “ZIGZAG” Recall

Petzl ZigZag

The Health and Safety Authority has been made aware of the recall of the original “ZIGZAG” mechanical Prusik serial number 13108****** for tree cultivation specialists (Arborists) This product allows the user to move efficiently in the tree using proprietary Prusik pulley system (see photograph across)

The manufacturer has become aware of incidents involving this product that has resulted in a full recall. An investigation has revealed that the rope end-end attachment can fail if incorrectly set up, leading to a possible fall from height for the user. The manufacturer believes that this incorrect set up could occur inadvertently, and could lead to serious and fatal consequences

The manufacturer of this product has concluded that continued use of ZIGZAG poses a serious risk of serious injury or death and has recalled all units in the field. If you have a “ZIGZIG” serial number 13108******, the Authority is advising all owners to stop using the product and contact the distributor’s customer services team immediately, on 00441539626260 or

Feb 2014