Hook Loader Skip Lorry

The Health and Safety Authority (HSA) is issuing an urgent warning to owners and operators of hook loader skip lorries primarily used in the waste disposal/recycling and construction sectors. This follows an incident where the rear beam of hook loader skip lorry collapsed without warning during maintenance work beneath the rear beam.

The incident occurred when the hook loaders rear and front beams were in the tipping position (beams raised with the front beam’s hook fully extended). A locking mechanism engaged and secured both beams at their hinged position. When the extendable hook mechanism was retracted with the beams in the raised position the locking mechanism disengaged, see photograph. The disengagement of the locking mechanism with the beams in the raised position left the rear beam vulnerable to sudden collapse.

Owners and operators of hook loader skip lorries are advised to have their vehicles assessed to see if the there is a risk of sudden collapse of the rear beam when the beams are in the raised position. Adequate precautions to ensure safety during the assessment must be in place. Owners and operators should ensure that the equipment is adequately supported by suitably rated props or stands while carrying out any work beneath/alongside the rear beam while in the tipping position and ensure warning signs are in place on the truck to alert of the danger.

Owners, operators and suppliers should assess whether the hazard can be removed using properly designed safety measures or by the provision of technical measures to prevent the withdrawal of the hook when beams are in the raised position for tipping.

The HSA also advises that it is the duty of the operator to understand how the hydraulic controls operate on the vehicle.  All such controls must be marked with appropriate pictograms to clearly indicate the various hydraulic movements



Nov 2015