Small Tipper Trucks

The Health and Safety Authority is issuing an urgent warning to owners and operators of Tipper trucks used for transportation of construction materials, following an incident involving the failure of the pivot bar for the tipper section. 

The pivot bar at the back of the truck (see photograph) that allows the body to lift as the hydraulic ram (behind the cab) extends upwards to create the tipping movement, sheared at the left bracket, while the right bracket casing sheared completely allowing the body to slip off the chassis while in the raised position.

The bar and brackets may fail due to fatigue arising from inadequate inspection and greasing of safety critical moving parts during the lifetime of the vehicle. 

Owners and operators of these vehicles are advised to include the said brackets and pivot bar in their routine servicing and inspection of these vehicles. As part of the maintenance process, the pivot bar and attachments should be inspected and replaced where there is evidence of fatigue/failure. Grease points should be lubricated on a regular basis.

Tipper Truck

Photograph 1. Side and Rear View of Tipping Truck

Rotational Bar Close Up

Photograph 2. Left side view of sheared pivot bar

Failed Bracket

Photograph 3. End view the failed right side hand bracket

July 2015