ADR Multilateral Agreements (MLAs)

Multilateral agreements or "temporary derogations" are agreements between contracting parties to ADR. These may provide temporary derogations from certain provisions in ADR and may be initiated by any contracting party to facilitate the international transport of certain dangerous goods. Once agreed between two or more contracting parties they are published by the ADR Secretariat at the following link.


Irish industry may apply to the HSA to seek the application of any of the currently published derogations (MLAs) or to request a new MLA under the terms of ADR 1.5.1.Requests may be made by completing a Form for Application, which can be emailed to the Authority at

For further information on the co-signing or initiation of an MLA contact the HSA at WCU.


Current MLAs signed by Ireland


Concerning the carriage of solid medical or clinical waste, Category A

Expires 31 Dec 2020


Concerning Corona-Virus - impact on dangerous goods trainings and examination

Expires 1 Dec 2020


Carriage of substances under UN No. 3316 CHEMICAL KIT or FIRST AID KIT in relation to special provision 671 and

Expires 31 Dec 2020


Multiple markings of packagings, IBCs and large packagings

Expires 31 Dec 2020


Carriage of US DOT approved pressure receptacles

Expires 01 June 2023


Concerning the transport of UN2672 ammonia solution in rigid and composite IBCs

Expires 31 Jan 2022


MLAs under consideration