Charging for Services

The charging of fees for services under COMAH is covered by Regulation 27 of the COMAH Regulations. It sets out the activities for which the Authority may charge fees and these are:

  • Examination of notifications, major accident prevention policy (MAPP) documents and safety reports
  • Inspections and investigations
  • Provision of technical land use planning advice
  • Provision of the electronic information to the public required by the Seveso Directive
  • Attendance at external emergency plans
  • Preparation of special reports
  • Such others as may arise

Under the Chemicals Acts 2008 to 2010 (Section 10), fees charged shall not be less that the cost of performing the relevant function. Further to the relevant Ministerial approval received under Section 10 of the Chemicals Act, the Authority hereby confirms that the following scale of fees have applied since January 1st, 2016: 



Initial Charge (€) –

based on daily rate of 600 Euros for a working day

5 year / significant change /Update(€)

Daily rate of €600 / working day

to the maximum number of days below

COMAH Inspection


Notification assessment & processing

Safety report assessment (incl. pre-op or pre-construction)6000300040 days (first 10 days covered by initial fee)
Major Accident Prevention Policy (MAPP) Assessment (Lower-Tier)600300
Provision of generic technical land-use planning advice for each establishment3000180020 days maximum (first 5 days covered by initial fee)
Significant change under Regulation 12- LUP issues, including Significant Modifications1800N/A10 days maximum (first 3 days covered by initial fee)
Provision of major hazard information to Public via Website600600N/A
Request by operator to exclude information from safety report1200N/A10 days maximum (first 2 days covered by initial fee)
Art. 20 COMAH Investigation600N/ADaily rate Plus T&S costs. Open-ended
Issue of a Contravention or Prohibition Notice1200N/A10 days maximum (first 2 days covered by initial fee)
Special reports (by Inspectors or contracted technical experts)N/A

Daily rate for inspectors. At cost for external expert.

The Authority has established a COMAH Cost Review Group, which advises the Authority on the operation of the COMAH charging scheme and on technical or scientific matters arising in relation to the COMAH Regulations.