Bengali Simple Safety Series

Food and Drink sector

Food and drinkFood and Drink(PDF, 768KB)
Burns and scaldsBurns and Scalds(PDF, 545KB)
CutsCuts(PDF, 441KB)
Falling objectsFalling Objects(PDF, 470KB)
Manual handlingManual Handling(PDF, 745KB)
Slips, trips and fallsSlips, Trips and Falls(PDF, 781KB)

Retail sector

wi‡Uj-Gi ¯^v¯'¨ I myi¶vHealth and Safety for Retail(PDF, 252K)
‡K‡U hvIqvCuts(PDF, 123K)
c‡o ‡h‡Z cv‡i Ggb e¯ -- zFalling Objects(PDF, 135K)
‡ekx Dci ‡_‡K covFalling from a height(PDF, 137K)
wi‡Uj-Gi ¯^v¯'¨ I myi¶vManual Handling(PDF, 150KB)
wcQ‡j hvIqv, ‡nvuPU LvIqv, c‡o hvIqvSlips, Trips and Falls(PDF, 118K)